The VanDutch 55 "Ghost" is fitted with a custom set of luxury accessories, and suited for an exclusive guest list. Including custom linens, wine fridge, luxury bedding, fine silverware, glassware, custom serving trays and more, the GHOST 55 sets the precedent for luxury day cruising. 



Be Recognized.

The VanDutch 55 needs no introduction, and now its most recognized ship is hitting European waters in style. GHOST is setting the precedent for tomorrow's VanDutch.

Ghost Cockpit experience.JPG

Make an Entrance.

You'll lounge in ultra-comfort, easily seating 12-16 guests, making for the perfect evening entertainment venue. 

Bow lounging package champagne

Lounge in style.

Equipped with a custom bow sunning package, GHOST boasts these stowable V-style seats and a premium champagne set, perfect for coastal relaxation. 

Ghost cabin.JPG

Your Private Oasis.

With large cockpit space, the VanDutch 55's interior oasis allows you to unwind and relax after a day on the water. Extras on the GHOST include a wine refrigerator, custom bed linens, breakfast table, restaurant-grade cook top and Master Cabin privacy door.

The Custom Style of VanDutch 55 'GHOST'

Take a flying tour of "Ghost", seen cruising the European waters of Monaco and the South of France. Dream big with GHOST, and imagine the possibilities of your own VanDutch. 

Scenes From Above

From a far, you'll fall in love with the Super Jet Black coloring of GHOST, and its matching carbon upholstery. Custom carpets, pillows, name plate, deck tables and refrigeration systems make the top deck experience of GHOST unbeatable for a sunny day cruising the coast. 

An Exclusive Look at GHOST's On-Board Experience

Dive deeper into the top deck experience, catering to the ultra-luxury, featuring custom towels, bow seating package, serving accessories and luxury finishes.


Find Your GHOST

View VanDutch available pre-owned or speak directly to VanDutch Sales to build your personalized VanDutch, models available from 30 to 75 ft.


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